50 national and international level senior athletes and their support personnel turned out to support the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission’s (JADCO) third annual Senior Athletes Anti-Doping Education Workshop, which was held at the Liguanea Club in New Kingston on Saturday, November 19, 2016. At this event, participants were educated about the Importance of the 2015 JADCO Rules.

Speaking at the workshop, Carey Brown, Executive Director at JADCO said, “We all have to ensure that we do what it takes to remain on top of our game as it relates to anti-doping. When you, our athletes excel, all of us as Jamaicans share in that joy and feel a sense of pride. Likewise, when mistakes are made, it reflects badly on all of us. Whether or not you know what the rules are, you will be held accountable for your actions.”

The workshop provided participants with detailed information on some important aspects of the 2015 JADCO Rules such as Whereabouts Information, Sanctions and Statute of Limitations regarding the testing of samples.

Nagash Cockburn, athlete from the Jamaica Basketball Association (JBA), said “Most athletes are of the impression that the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission is trying to shed a negative light on them. I have learnt from this workshop that this is not so. They test us to help us, so that we can be certain that we are competing on a level playing field.” He further added, “I am happy I participated in this session and that I got the opportunity to become more familiar with the JADCO Rules.”

Also speaking at the workshop, Kirk Finnikin, President of the Jamaica Cycling Federation, said “I appreciated the demonstration of what athletes are expected to go through during the sample collection process, so there will be no surprises when an athlete from the Jamaica Cycling Federation has to be tested. In addition, I liked that the workshop stressed the importance of filing whereabouts information. Filing whereabouts can save the athletes from getting in a lot of trouble.

During the workshop, a whereabouts help desk was set up to assist athletes in JADCO’s Registered Testing Pool (RTP) to file their whereabouts information. The workshop also included presentations on the functions and responsibilities of JADCO, the doping control process and the health consequences of prohibited substances and methods. Medical practitioner, Dr. Jason Blankson, a representative from the Jamaica Medical Doctors’ Association (JMDA), delivered the presentation on prohibited substances and methods.

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