Education and E-Learning

An essential component of JADCO’s functions and responsibilities involves public education. JADCO plays an integral role in educating athletes, athlete support personnel and the public. JADCO creates and disseminates brochures and organises seminars, symposiums, anti-doping workshops and a variety of outreach activities.

The information shared enables our target audience to increase their knowledge of the role of JADCO, the Jamaica Anti-Doping Programme, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the doping control process and prohibited substances and methods.

National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) also have a responsibility to ensure that their members have all the information they need to understand, comply with and support the anti-doping programme. If you wish to learn more about anti-doping, JADCO is available to conduct a workshop or organise an information booth at your event. You can contact us at (876) 960-3572 or (876) 929-3500 or send us an email at


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