The Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS)

The Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS) is a web-based database management tool for data entry, storage, sharing and reporting. It is designed to assist stakeholders and WADA in their anti-doping operations in conjunction with data protection legislation.

Athletes in JADCO’s Registered Testing Pool (RTP) are required to submit their whereabouts information on a quarterly basis through ADAMS. ADAMS allows the athlete to enter whereabouts information directly and accurately in an easy, secure and convenient manner. This information can be entered and updated from anywhere in the world.

How to File Whereabouts Information using ADAMS

  • The athlete will receive a username and password from JADCO.
  • Click to access ADAMS

Modes of Updating Whereabouts Information 

Modifications to your whereabouts information MUST be done by way of the ADAMS website, App, or SMS to the following number +44 7781 480710 (The SMS feature in ADAMS makes it simple for athletes to submit updates using an SMS compatible device, for example, a smart phone). While athletes are still required to enter whereabouts into ADAMS on a quarterly basis, the SMS feature facilitates updates, especially when the Internet is not available.

Instructions to set up this feature can be found here or you can call JADCO for assistance to set up this feature.

In the event that the ADAMS system is unavailable online, ONLY THEN should you update your whereabouts information using the following options:

By confidential fax: 906-3055

Or by email:

In any event, you should contact JADCO to ensure that whereabouts updates have been received.


JADCO will maintain the confidentiality of the whereabouts information provided by the athlete. It will only be used to facilitate out-of-competition testing by JADCO under the Jamaica Anti-Doping Rules (JADCO Rules), or by another competent anti-doping authority that has accepted the same confidentiality obligations.

Please note that any other anti-doping organisation with the requisite authority under the World Anti-Doping Code may test the athlete out-of-competition at any time, whether using the whereabouts information provided or otherwise.

Whereabouts/ADAMS Training

If further assistance is required, athletes or their delegates are invited to make arrangements with JADCO to schedule a whereabouts workshop. This can be done by “walk in’’ or via Skype. In this workshop, athletes or their delegates are informed of the procedures to follow to enter, update and/or modify their whereabouts information.

Click this link to access ADAMS user guide: 

For further assistance contact our Whereabouts Officer at:
•    Telephone: (876)-960-2416/7466, (876)-920-8790
•    Email/Skype: