Senior Athletes SeminarThe Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO) hosted a Senior Athletes Seminar on Saturday, May 13, 2017, at the Jamaica Conference Centre (JCC) in Kingston under the theme, “Anti-Doping Rule Violations, Get the Facts”.

Participants in attendance at the seminar, included athletes in JADCO’s Registered Testing Pool (RTP), national and international level athletes, athletes from tertiary institutions and their support personnel.

During the Seminar, Executive Director of JADCO, Carey Brown said, “It is very important for all athletes to know that testing positive is not the only way that they can receive an Anti-Doping Rule Violation. There are 10 ways in which you can get an Anti-Doping Rule Violation.” He also cautioned athletes support personnel and reminded them, that they too can be sanctioned. He further added, “Knowing the rules must be a priority, because whether you know the rules or not, you will be held accountable for your actions.”

Alphanso Cunningham, athlete from the Jamaica Paralympic Association, noted that the seminar was very enlightening. “It was very interesting. I was aware of some of the Anti-Doping Rule Violations before, but today I was informed about all ten. I think this event should be mandatory for all athletes.”

Head Coach of Netball Jamaica, Jermaine Allison-McCracken said “This is the first Anti-Doping seminar that I have attended in Jamaica and I have learnt a lot. I will definitely share this information with my senior players.”

JADCO will host its fourth annual Senior Athletes Anti-Doping Education Workshop at the Jamaica Conference Centre on November 18, 2017.

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