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Mrs. N. June Spence Jarrett, J.P., joined the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO) on March 5, 2018 as Executive Director. She is a renowned civil servant whose stalwart contributions to Jamaica has span over 44 years.

She began working in the Department of Correctional Services in 1977 where she has served in several positions ranging from Teacher – Ministry of Education, Probation Aftercare Officer, Senior Probation Officer, Regional Director, Director Juvenile Services, Deputy Commissioner (HRM/Community Services) and the first female Commissioner of Corrections. She officially retired in 2011 after serving 33 years.

Mrs. Spence Jarrett is a strong administrator who has been lauded for her work during her employment years. But has continued to contribute to the Government of Jamaica beyond her retirement years, through several initiatives projects and programmes across various organisations that has seen the development of young Managers and Organizational capacity.

She dedicated time to the Denham Town Primary School as a Guidance Counsellor and was instrumental in the established their breakfast feeding programme and a robust counselling programme which increased school attendance significantly.

Her selfless attitude for developing young minds and establishing strong administrative systems were again called on, as she served in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer for a brief period at the Public Broadcasting Corporation. She utilised her expertise in administration to enhance the quality of services provided by the institution.

She has served on several boards such as the Firearm Licensing Authority and the Spanish Town Hospital.

Her contributions did not go unnoticed as she is the holder of several awards such as the distinguished Governor General’s Award (2008), the Medal of Honour for Meritorious Service, the Civil Service Long Service Award along with various Leadership awards attained throughout her employment years.

The experience and leadership capacity posited by such a strong mind, has led the Commission into achieving its vision and mission, by strengthening the communication and education programmes, increasing the organisation’s visibility to the local and international partners, developing strong administrative policies, establishing a rewards and recognition system, increasing JADCO’s testing capabilities, strengthening and developing stakeholder relationships.