Reinstatement after a Period of Ineligibility
If an athlete retires from sport while subject to a period of ineligibility, the athlete must notify the Anti-Doping Organisation that imposed the period of ineligibility in writing of their retirement. If the athlete wishes to return to active competition in sport, the athlete is not allowed to compete in international events or national events until they have made themselves available for testing by giving six (6) months prior written notice (or notice equivalent to the period of ineligibility remaining as of the date the athlete retired, if that period was longer than six (6) months) to the Commission and to their International Federation

All athletes who retire from their sport must immediately advise JADCO and their respective National Federation in writing by mail or email.

Athletes in JADCO’s Registered Testing Pool (RTP) who retire will continue to be subject to the whereabouts requirements until written notice of their retirement is provided to JADCO and they are informed of their removal from the RTP. This will be confirmed through an official letter sent to the athlete from JADCO.

Reinstatement after Retirement
International or national-level athletes in the Commission’s Registered Testing Pool who wish to return to their sport after retirement must notify JADCO and their International Federation in writing by mail, or email six (6) months before they plan to participate in any competition whether locally or internationally.

The athlete must also be available for out-of-competition testing and fulfil JADCO’s whereabouts requirements (if/when notified of their inclusion in JADCO’s RTP).

WADA, in consultation with the Commission and the athlete’s international federation, may grant an exemption to the six (6) month written notice rule where the strict application of that rule would be unfair to the athlete