What is Whereabouts Information?

Whereabouts Information is provided by athletes included in JADCO’s Registered Testing Pool (RTP) indicating their location at specific times. Athletes are required to make a quarterly whereabouts filing that provides accurate and complete information about the athlete’s whereabouts during the upcoming quarter. This includes identifying where he/she will be living, training and competing during that quarter, so that he/she can be located for testing at any time during that quarter.

Whereabouts Responsibilities of Athlete’s in JADCO’s RTP

Whereabouts Deadlines

Athletes included in JADCO’s RTP are required to submit whereabouts information according to the following schedule:

Quarter Submission Date
Quarter 1: 1st January - 31st March December 31
Quarter 2: 1st April - 30th June March 31
Quarter 3: 1st July - 30th September June 30
Quarter 4: 1st October - 31st December September 30
  • For each day of the forthcoming quarter, the athlete must identify one 60-minute time slot between the hours of 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. when he/she will be available at a specified location for testing.
  • If the athlete’s plans change and he/she will no longer be at the specified location during the specified time slot, he/she must update the Whereabouts Filing prior to that 60-minute time slot either to provide a new location for that 60-minute time slot or to provide a new 60-minute time slot and location.
  • For each day of the forthcoming quarter (including weekends and public holidays), the athlete must state the full address of the place where he/she will be staying overnight (e.g. home, hotel, temporary lodgings). If the athlete will be staying at a hotel or temporary lodging and he/she is not the registered guest, the athlete should state the number of the room where he/she will be staying or give sufficient information to enable the DCO to locate him/her.
  • If there is a change in the athlete’s place of residence, he/she must update the Whereabouts Filing to provide full details of the new address upon leaving the existing address.
  • The athlete is required to state the name and address of the place where he/she will be training, working or conducting any other regular activities (e.g. school) during the relevant quarter, including weekends and public holidays. The athlete is also required to provide the days and times of such regular activities.
  • If the athlete’s regular activities change, e.g. if he/she stops training in the mornings and trains in the afternoons instead, or if he/she trains at the gym on Mondays and Thursdays then moves to Tuesdays and Fridays, then he/she must update his/her Whereabouts Filing to reflect that change.
  • The athlete is required to state the date(s) and venue(s) where he/she is scheduled to compete during the forthcoming quarter. In the event there is a change in the date(s) or venue(s), the athlete must immediately update his/her Whereabouts Information.
  • If at the time of filing the quarterly Whereabouts Information, the athlete does not know his/her exact location for all days during the forthcoming quarter, he/she must provide the required details to the best of his/her knowledge. Such information must be updated promptly.
  • When the athlete specifies a location in his/her Whereabouts Filing, he/she must provide sufficient information to enable the Doping Control Officer (DCO) to identify that location, to gain access to the location and to find him/her at the location. If the athlete lives in an apartment building, gated community or in an area to which access is obtained via a front desk, a doorman, a security guard or to which access is otherwise restricted, he/she must make all necessary arrangements with the security officers or otherwise and advise JADCO of those specific arrangements in his/her Whereabouts Filing to enable the DCO to gain access unannounced. Please note that if the athlete specifies a location to which the DCO cannot gain uninterrupted access, it is likely to result in a Missed Test or a Filing Failure.
  • In order to ensure that the athlete receives his/her mails, he/she must specify in the Whereabouts Filing an address where he/she lives and/or where mails will be received and brought immediately to his/her attention.
  • The athlete is required, in his/her Whereabouts Filings, to provide JADCO with his/her current email address, telephone numbers at home and work and cellular numbers.
  • The athlete must provide all the required information accurately and in sufficient detail so that the DCO can locate him/her for testing on any day in the quarter, at any location specified and at the times specified in his/her Whereabouts Filing including, but not limited to, the 60-minute period. If the athlete fails to comply or if the information provided is inaccurate or insufficient, it is likely to result in a Filing Failure.

Modes of Updating Whereabouts Information 

Modifications to your whereabouts information MUST be done by way of the ADAMS website, App, or SMS to the following number +44 7781 480710 (The SMS feature in ADAMS makes it simple for athletes to submit updates using an SMS compatible device, for example, a smart phone). While athletes are still required to enter whereabouts into ADAMS on a quarterly basis, the SMS feature facilitates updates, especially when the Internet is not available.

Instructions to set up this feature can be found here or you can call JADCO for assistance to set up this feature.

In the event that the ADAMS system is unavailable online, ONLY THEN should you update your whereabouts information using the following options:

By confidential fax: 906-3055

Or by email: jadcowhereabouts@gmail.com

In any event, you should contact JADCO to ensure that whereabouts updates have been received.

Sanctions for Non-Compliance  

It is very important to ensure that an athlete files the required whereabouts information by the deadlines specified above. A failure to do so without an adequate reason will constitute a ‘Filing Failure’ under JADCO Rules.

It is also very important that the athlete files accurate information about his/her whereabouts, and that he/she updates this information as soon as there is any change of plans, so that he/she is available for testing at the declared location if JADCO seeks to test him/her. A failure to be available at the location specified for the 60 minute time slot without adequate reason is considered a ‘Missed Test’ under JADCO Rules.

If inaccurate or incomplete whereabouts information in ADAMS results in an unsuccessful attempt to test an athlete out-of-competition outside of his/her 60 minute time slot, he/she may be liable for a ‘Filing Failure’ under JADCO Rules.

Athletes need to be aware that any combination of three ‘Filing Failures’ and/or ‘Missed Tests’ in a 12-month period, applied either by JADCO or the athlete’s International Federation, may result in an Anti-Doping Rule Violation.

RTP athletes must keep their whereabouts information up-to-date.